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How to be a Safe and Confident Shooter

About the Author

Gary L. Behr

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Gary was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. His first experience with law enforcement was as the primary photographer for the newly formed Brown Deer Police and Fire Department.
Upon finishing high school, he volunteered for service in the U.S. Army, in the mid 1960’s. After completing Advance Infantry Training and graduating from Airborne (parachute) training, he was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg, NC, where he continued his infantry training and parachute jumping.
During this time, he qualified with numerous small arms weapons, including” Expert” with both the M14 and M16 rifles. Gary also had the opportunity complete qualification in the FBI’s pistol (friend/foe) range course. Gary was stationed state-side throughout his tour.
After his initial service and a civilian hiatus, he re-entered the Army in the mid 1970’s for helicopter flight school. His later service time also included graduation from journalism (and design) school and subsequently served as a Post Level journalist and in Public Affairs.
In his last year of service, Gary was assigned as a Post level Race Relations/Equal Opportunity (RR/EO) instructor and command evaluator. (later known as Affirmative Actions). Because of his contributions in this position, he received nation recognition from the Pentagon as well as a personal letter of appreciation from the Third Army Commander, Brigadier General George B. Price. Throughout Gary’s military service he continued to consistently qualified as “Expert” with innumerable firearms.
After his military service, Gary and his wife Linda, spent the next 35 years as business owners of multiple portrait and commercial photography studios in mid-Wisconsin.
Gary’s photographic imaging has appeared all over the world. By request, he has both taught and served many years as a photographic advisor to the Madison Area Technical College.
In addition to contributing to numerous volunteer organizations and serving on various local government boards, Gary also served two terms as a City Councilman.
Gary has practiced continuing education throughout his career, attending University of Wisconsin, participating in other on-line college courses and completing various professional studies.
Throughout this time Gary has also maintained his writing skills, having had many of his articles and stories published locally and nationally. For example, in November 1984, Law Enforcement Technology magazine ran a feature article written and illustrated by Gary on effective LE aerial photography.

As an American Legion newsletter publisher, against a field of over 14,000 Posts, he won various national First and Second Place Awards for his excellence in newsletter design and editorial content.
In addition to civilian skydiving, Gary is also a Commercial Pilot, aerobatic pilot, glider pilot, rated open water SCUBA diver and has enjoyed motorcycling since the 1960’s.
Gary is both an NRA qualified Instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer, as well as being a former Department of Natural Resources Hunter Education Safety instructor and presently serves as a Firearms Instructor and Advisor.
When the Wisconsin Legislature was considering that State’s Concealed Carry laws, Gary was part of the instructional team that taught select Senators and their staff Utah’s Concealed Carry course and served as their live fire Range Safety Officer.
A bit of additional background:
• WI LE/Security Trained
• Wisconsin DOJ DAAT Trained (Defensive And Arrest Tactics)
• Certified: CPR, AED, First-Aid
• Notary Public, Wisconsin, since 1970
Gary now lives with his cherished wife of 35 years, and a house full of rescued kitties, in a small city just outside of Wisconsin’s capitol of Madison.

This book is conveniently divided into distinct chapters, allowing you to garner essential information on a topic without having to read through the entire book.

Part I
This first part introduces the new or non-shooter into the vast scope of firearms, with an initial emphasis on how to safely begin shooting.
Intended as a quick and easy initial reference, this book can familiarize you with the fundamentals of firearms, offering the specific information needed to safely learn how to shoot a pistol and other firearms.

Part I can also be used as an initial stage for formal training of a beginner's introduction to firearms (such as a two to four hour familiarization course). Training can include both classroom and range or field exercises. This book is NOT a tactical or defensive course. To gain proper knowledge and experience in this discipline, seek qualified one-on-one training.

Part II
An introduction to Concealed Carry, the things you need to consider if you plan to carry a firearm.

Part III
This section provides a more detailed purview, expanding into rifles, shotguns, sighting methods and much, much more.

A comprehensive reference filled with nearly 600 interesting and useful terms! Packed with relevant and sometimes little known information, you'll want to keep this Glossary close at hand, as an easy-to-use source for answers to most common shooting questions.

Quick Reference Guide can be found on the very last page.