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Whether your client's interests are in pistols, rifles, shotguns, sights, concealed carry or firearm methods and techniques, they'll find this book brimming with valuable, accurate and fun information!


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FREE  Instructor's Training PowerPoint Presentations

Interactive: Each presentation is cued to specific pages in the book allowing the student to both follow in the text and to know where to find these references in the future.

Each presentation has about 30 slides which offers approximately a half hour presentation for a typical 2 to 4 hour training block. Each slide presents two book pages, using bold highlights to emphasis the essential points.

In addition, each training level,
Basic-Intermediate-Advanced, features sections from our book's exclusive instructional presentation by nationally aclaimed professional trainer, Mike Hughes!

Training Presentation

Introductory Training Topics
Program Outline  •  Safety  •  Youngster’s Safety  •  Range Safety  •  Bullet Travel  •  How It Works  •  Pistol Components  •  The Bullet  •  Bullet Dynamics  •  Pistol Stopping Power  •  Revolvers  •  Semi-Automatics  •  Semi-Auto Load & Unload  •  Malfunctions & Recoveries  •  Ammunition Malfunctions  •  Hangfire Clip  •  Dominant Eye  •  Sighting  •  Holding a Firearm  •  Shooting Control  •  Holsters  •  Safe Alternatives  •  Home Security  •  Rifle Sight-In  •  Sight Radius  •  Heart Placement  •  Dry Fire Training  •  Checklist  •  Quick Reference

Defense 1
Training Presentation

Defense 1 Training Topics
Program Outline  •  Safety  •  Bullet Dynamics  •  Holding A Pistol  •  Semi-Auto Load / Reload  •  Pistol Malfunctions  •  Ammunition Malfunctions  •  Drawing From Holster  •  Flashlight  •  Recovery  •   Shooting One Hand  •  Holsters  •  Lasers  •  Sights  •  Shotguns for Self Defense  •  Stopping Power  •  Body Targets  •  Bullet Wounds  •  Forms of Incapacitation  •  Heart Placement Animal/Human  •  21 Foot Rule  •  Conceal, Cover  •  One Hand Shooting  •   Requisites for Discharge  •  Disturbance Resolution  •  How Many Shots  •  Rules Governing Deadly Force  •  Is Carrying Worth It?  •  Consider the Consequences   •  Sight-In  •  Sight Radius  •  Sight Deviation Results Table  •  Minute-Of-Angle  •  Sight-In Target  •  MOA Correction Table  •  Dry Fire Training  •  Dry Fire Check List  •  Quick Reference  •  Cartridge Interchangeability

Defense 2
Training Presentation

Defense 2 Training Topics
Program Outline  •  Safety  •  Bullet Dynamics  •  Holding a Firearm  •  Loading & Reloading  •  Shotguns for Self Defense  •  Malfunction Recovery  •  Ammunition Malfunctions  •  Stopping Power  •  Body Targets  •  Wounds  •  Drawing From a Holster  •  Flashlight  •  Holsters  •  How Many Shots?  •  Deadly Force  •  Disturbance Resolution  •  Observe-Assess-Act  •  21 Foot Rule  •  Close Quarters  •  Conceal and Cover  •  Last Resort  •  Is Carry Worth It?  •  Home Security  •  Firearm Storage  •  Cleaning Your Firearm  •  Dry Fire Training  •  Training Checklist,   •  FBI Course  •  Quick Reference  •  Cartridge Interchangeability

Long Gun
Training Presentation

Long Gun Training Topics
Program Outline  •  Safety, Safety Cards  •  Range Safety  •  Bullet Travel  •  Ear Protection  •  Malfunctions  •  Hangfire Clip  •  Dominant Eye  •  Sighting  •  Rifle Advantages  •  Modern Rifle Design  •  Shooting Positions  •  T E C T S S  •  Shouldering a Long Gun  •  Bullets  •  Bullet Components  •  Bullet Dynamics  •  Cartridge Comparisons  •  Today’s.22  •  Pellet and BB Guns  •  Shotgun Intro  •  Shotgun Ballistics, Pellets  •  Matching Shot To The Game  •  Gauge, Choke  •  Choke, Leading Your Shot  •  Leading Your Shot (Deer)  •  Hunting Game  •  Sighting In A Rifle  •  Laser Bore Sight  •  Maximum Point Blank  •  MOA  •  Other Sight Considerations  •  Temperature  •  Wind Speed  •  Gyroscopic Drift  •  Muzzle Flip  •  Human Eye  •  Gun Scopes  •  Magnification Power  •  Optical Qualities  •  Cleaning Optics  •  Other Aiming Devices  •  Heart Placement  •  Rifle Sight-In  •  Sight Radius  •  MOA Sight-In, On Target in Six Shots  •  MOA Measurement and Clicks  •  Quick Reference

Note: These are fairly large files (about 70 MB) and may take some visitors a longer time to complete the download. Please be patient. If you have any problems, please email Gary

By the way, the number behind the file name represents the number of slides in the presentation.


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Latest Updates!

This significant update is even BIGGER, BETTER and MORE INSTRUCTIVE than ever! This brand-new update is packed with essential information every new and seasoned shooter needs to know!

Like the earlier editions, this release has hundreds of illustrations and a plethora of indispensable web addresses, a comprehensive Glossary of over 600 relevant term and packed with essential training material!


TOTALLY CURRENT — with info through September, 2015

This release is entirely reformatted with over 400 information packed pages, more topics and even more appendices.

THUMB INDEX — There is now a “Thumb Index” on the right edge of all pages so you can quickly and easily move to any subject with the flip of the pages!

COMPARATIVE RECOIL demonstrates the differences between different calibers, the same caliber but with different weight firearms, even the same caliber but with differently weighted bullets!

TRAUMA FIRST-AID KITS lists what essential emergency items you may need for a range first-aid kit, plus their estimated cost, so you can custom build an inexpensive kit for your particular requirements.

In addition, we’ve added the Military’s FM 4-25.11, field First Aid manual to our free downloads on our website. This 227 page book covers everything from bites & stings to major gunshot trauma, plus a great deal more. Download it at: Firearm Fundamentals - More

SELF DEFENSE LAWS by STATE has been requested by many instructors. This section discusses the legal defense premise of duty to retreat, stand your ground and the castle doctrine, then goes on to list every state, their particular defense premise, plus the specific Title, Code, Chapter, and/or Article that state has listed for reasonable self defense.

Of course, as before, these editions also offers a section on Reciprocity by State listing the name and address of each state’s CCW reciprocity authority.

All six editions are updated!
Five State specific editions: FLORIDA – UTAH – TEXAS – WASHINGTON – WISCONSIN that list those state’s DETAILED CONCEALED CARRY LAWS plus a U.S. edition listing CCW contact information for all 50 States.

To celebrate this huge update, we’re offering 50% OFF!

This is your change to make over  $12 PROFIT a book on this essential and sought-after compendium!
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See for yourself how this book can add more profits to your bottom line, improve your client base and help make better shooters!


The Book That Answers

What gauge is a .410 shotgun?
How fast, in RPMs, can a bullet spin?
What is the longest sniper shot?
What is the oldest self-contained cartridge?
When sighting in a rifle, there are two zeros?
What are the four variables to a bullet wound?
There are viable alternatives to “Concealed Carry”?
What military rifle was derisively referred to as a “Matty Mattel”?
How far does a sniper bullet drop at 1½ miles?
The intent of the military “Battlesight Zero” is not to necessarily hit dead center on the target?
Pepper spray was proven effective repelling Zimbabwe free ranging elephants?
How many bullets were kept in the old cowboy’s six shooter?
The current U.S./NATO 9mm pistol round, lost to the .45 ACP, in the U.S. Government’s 1906 pistol testing?
How many rounds does it currently take, to neutralize one enemy combatant?
What are some of the Media Misnomers about firearms?

These and hundreds more fascinating facts can be found
within the pages of these comprehensive volume!



This book is conveniently divided into distinct chapters, allowing you to garner essential information on a topic without having to read through the entire book.

Part I
This first part introduces the new or non-shooter into the vast scope of firearms, with an initial emphasis on how to safely begin shooting.
Intended as a quick and easy initial reference, this book can familiarize you with the fundamentals of firearms, offering the specific information needed to safely learn how to shoot a pistol and other firearms.

Part I can also be used as an initial stage for formal training of a beginner's introduction to firearms (such as a two to four hour familiarization course). Training can include both classroom and range or field exercises. This book is NOT a tactical or defensive course. To gain proper knowledge and experience in this discipline, seek qualified one-on-one training.

Part II
An introduction to Concealed Carry, the things you need to consider if you plan to carry a firearm.

Part III
This section provides a more detailed purview, expanding into rifles, shotguns, sighting methods and much, much more.

A comprehensive reference filled with nearly 600 interesting and useful terms! Packed with relevant and sometimes little known information, you'll want to keep this Glossary close at hand, as an easy-to-use source for answers to most common shooting questions.

Quick Reference Guide can be found on the very last page.